Innovative in Sack & Silo

Research and development is very important to us, because only those who constantly innovate can enjoy sustainable market success. Innovation begins at Bergmann Kalk long before the actual product, from efficient production technology through state-of-the-art machine technology to pioneering product development. Bergmann takes on this challenge every day. Extensive, multi-million investments in research and development allow us to take completely new and – more importantly – productive approaches. As a medium-sized company, we do not think in terms of financial quarters, but in whole entrepreneurial generations.


Research and Development Center

RDC | Bergmann Kalk

In 2018, a new research and development center was created on the grounds of the Bergmann Kalk, one which is peerless in its field. The state-of-the-art technical equipment of our laboratories, coupled with the extensive test and training areas, offer a highly modern working environment that truly creates great things.

On a site covering more than 3000 m², our engineers and technicians research, develop and test new materials, techniques and, of course, product ideas virtually around the clock, in order to be able to provide you with intelligent, functional and cutting-edge products, now and in the future.

m-tec: A silo for every purpose


Since 1978, Bergmann – together with its partner m-tec – has been developing new and innovative techniques for optimizing, and cutting costs in, logistics of dry mortar products.

Over more than 40 years, silo logistics have been constantly developed further – from the silo itself, to the silo tray, to modern conveyor technology. Today, the corporation’s more than 4,500 silos ensure smooth, prompt work on construction sites: from screed laying to concrete work to wall plastering. With their silo technology, Bergmann Kalk and Franken Maxit provide at all times innovative solutions for every requirement of the construction industry.

Qualical: The Future of Lime Burning


In collaboration with the manufacturer Qualical in 2015 and 2016, a cutting-edge PFR lime shaft kiln was developed in accordance with the standards of industry 4.0, and erected at the site in Azendorf. At a height of almost 60 meters, the new lime kiln, one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the world, towers over the extensive factory premises.

The newly developed generation of lime kilns impresses with a maximum output of 200 tons per day, an energy consumption of 850 kcal / kg burnt lime, and the ability to be fired with natural gas or, alternatively, with lignite dust.

With the construction of the PFR lime kiln, Bergmann Kalk has embarked on a new stage in its history, and has been able to use this gigantic construction project to transform the tradition of lime burning at its German parent company in Azendorf, ensuring its successful future.

Development partner of the dry mortar industry

Since 1978, Bergmann Kalk has been an active development partner in the dry mortar industry. As a founding company of the Franken Maxit Mauermörtel GmbH, Bergmann Kalk is constantly involved in the development of new product solutions. Under the world-famous building material brand maxit, a large number of innovative products for solving completely individual construction challenges have already been developed and successfully put on the market. Bergmann Kalk is, as a consequence, in possession of a considerable number of international patents and industrial property rights.

We were able to present a true revolution in masonry construction at the leading international trade fair for construction, the BAU 2015 in Munich.

Open the pack – just add water: With the maxit mortar pad, the processing of masonry reaches unprecedented heights. The maxit mortar pads combine the strengths of traditional applications with meaningful innovation. Intuitive, quick and safe construction – the new masonry 3.0.

This year, Bergmann Kalk and maxit celebrate the birth of a completely new generation of construction material. A marriage of glass and mortar: Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Berlin), the paint, plaster and mortar specialist maxit, working with Bergmann Kalk (Azendorf), has developed a completely new building material technology –the ecosphere insulation system. The technology was initially applied to interior wall insulation, and subsequently to mortar-based facade insulation, with  hollow glass microspheres used as a lightweight aggregate. This ensures the best results in terms of thermal insulation, minimum weight and long-term stability. Its special feature: The mineral material can be sprayed directly from the building material silo, resulting not only in a completely seamless application, but also making it easy to work with. ecosphere will be introduced to industry experts for the first time at BAU 2019 in Munich.

In 2017, maxit multi 292 EIS winter adhesive and reinforcing mortar was presented as the building material industry’s first adhesive mortar. It is a real problem solver for the construction trade. Extensive research and development work laid the groundwork for this mortar’s ability to maintain its hardening and setting properties, even at temperatures as low as -8 ° C. Due to its resilience to temperature fluctuations, it is particularly suitable for the transitional periods of the year: In spring and autumn, where the night and day temperature can vary greatly, it ensures the highest level of processing safety.

Partner for Science: Collaboration with universities and authorities

When decades of experience, irrepressible exploratory spirit and science come together, great things happen.

For years, Bergmann Kalk has been researching new technologies and product solutions together with well-known scientific institutes, universities and places of higher learning around the globe.

For example, in cooperation with the scientists of the Bauhaus University Weimar, Bergmann Kalk have developed a high-energy ecological binder for interior plaster systems, which still sets standards in the field of building materials for healthy living. Bergmann Kalk has also achieved further, groundbreaking successes in cooperation with the Universities of Leipzig and Bayreuth, as well as the Hof University of Applied Sciences.